Peppermint Heaven: Precious Things

After cutting their teeth playing the Chicago indie club scene several years back, Peppermint Heaven aka Juno (Vocals, Keyboards) and Spark (Vocals, Bass, Drums) separately made the long trek from Chicago to LA eventually winding up together in the summer of 2011 when they began creating their own tasty brand of 80s-influenced indie pop, replete with heavenly harmonies, Juno’s delicious keyboard hooks and Spark’s inventive bass ‘n’ beats.

Taking their name from an obscure pre-Smiths Morrissey song, Peppermint Heaven found a home at indie band playground The Bedrock in LA’s storied Echo Park area and several months of playing, writing, recording, mixing, and honing their sound followed.  After a wintry trip to London in early 2013, the boys decided that the UK would be the perfect launching pad for the band. This made perfect sense, as many of their influences hail from the UK (Tears For Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, New Order, Howard Jones, Psychedelic Furs to name a few).

Having unveiled their debut EP, the aptly titled The Delicious EP, last year, the band were thrilled with the loving response the record received, including a Top 10 placing on Music Week’s dance chart. Building on their earlier efforts, the band returned to the studio impassioned by the response.

With echoes of David Bowie, Morrissey, Erasure and Pet Shop Boys, but also boasting a distinctive Peppermint Heaven edge, the duo return with their ambitious debut album Precious Things. Hypnotic album opener Stranger Than Fiction is a clear demonstration of how the boys have raised their game. An intriguing dance floor filler which sees Duran Duran meeting New Order, Spark and Juno show that they are plenty capable of reaching the arena highs of their musical idols.

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Temporary Hero: TUSK

Temporary Hero has new music thats going to save your day! This portland grown band has a style all their own. The blending of genres, the beats of contemporary pop and electronic music, and the prowess of an artist reaching for new levels in every creative endeavor, Temporary Hero is an artist’s artist. Starting out making underground club records like Ballet remixed by legendary Andre Lodemann, the artist pushed his craft into contemporary dance music territory after forging his way into the top 20 Billboard club chart with WILDJOY featuring Jason Walker.

From there he visited a cross-genreplatform focusing on current and futuristic pop music with first full LP”Sunset People” featuring the MTV hit “Circus.” The pop and dance circuit is just the tip of the iceberg for this artist, however. He has covered Sinatra and Bing and even Chet Baker… not in a traditional sense however, but an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach, effectively blending genres to deliver covers that are at once eclectic and sometimes endearingly straightforward.

After the critical success of CHET, and while putting finishing touches on the new original full length project mysteriously identified on social media as “#WARHOL”, the artist found himself tinkering with the Fleetwood Mac catalogue.

Here’s an explanation directly from the artist about why and how he decided to cover 1/2 of the iconic act’s polarizing TUSK album.

“I list TUSK as my all time favorite album. The interesting thing for is that as a kid I didn’t like it at all. I bought it because I was (and still am) obsessed with buying full albums… love the art, the smell, the sound, of a new record. But the only reason I bought TUSK was because I loved THINK ABOUT ME. As a kid I could not for the life of me appreciate the song SARA nor would I understand the epic nature of the song TUSK. But as I grew older, I became immersed in the magic of Stevie Nicks and songs like STORMS and BEAUTIFUL CHILD would move me to tears. And the raw Lindsey Buckingham songs like THAT’S ALL FOR EVERYONE, NOT THAT FUNNY became the epitomes of lo-fi masterpieces.

I don’t think an album like this would be welcome in today’s cut and paste musical world. With the purchase of the super-deluxe set that was just released in December, I salivated over EVERY alternate take of I KNOW I’M NOT WRONG and others. So, while cutting tracks for the #WARHOL project I decided to cover I KNOW I’M NOT WRONG but in a house-kissed  “Temporary Hero” style with tribal drums. But… it wasn’t working at all. So I put that song aside and continued to work on the #WARHOL album… mixing and fine tuning some new songs. Then one day I was fiddling in the studio with a loop that reminded me of Sara and… BAM!

I decided to cover Sara, the most untouchable of all Stevie/Mac tunes. And from there, well, 8 more tracks were done in the course of two days. And that leads me back to I KNOW I’M NOT WRONG. I just couldn’t let the song whither away. I am not one to accept defeat. So with a live band I  went for the most traditional approach possible… the song is re-arranged. What is so curious is that the one song that was supposed to be electronic now became the most organic/acoustic of all the tunes on the TUSK project. Will I cover the ten other TUSK tunes that I haven’t touched? Time will tell!”


Make sure to check out Temporary Heros new album “TUSK”!

Turn this Temporary Hero into a full time one!


FADES : Breaking Through The Walls

FADES is a five piece alternative rock band from London. Founded in 2014, the band consists of: Joshua Woo (Vocals/Guitar), Alessandro Melchior (Guitar/Keyboards), Lucas Mendes (Lead Guitar), James Dibble (Bass Guitar) and Keir Adamson (Drums). Starting it’s life of as Metasic the band came together to perform the launch of the EP – Falling Into Place, which was largely a solo effort by Josh. The live energy and chemistry between the group was evident immediately.

Leading to the decision to continue their journey together as a fully fledged band. Spending the first half of 2015 on the road, the band performed all across the UK garnering much praise from audiences and critics – and landing them with a gig supporting Nothing But Thieves. In July 2015 the band went to Italy to record their upcoming EP. The experience was also filmed and will form a short documentary. Upon return the band made plans to change their name. The official announcement came in October 2015 when they became FADES – named in part after the Queens Of The Stone Age song ‘In The Fade’. The band released this statement on their Official Site.

Those who have followed us for a while will have known us as Metasic. However today we have decided to, if we may quote one of our own songs, ‘shatter the old’ and unleash the new and improved: FADES. We are really excited at what this change of name and direction is going to bring to the table. We have so much planned in the upcoming months that it’s hard to know where to begin. Our minds are bursting with ideas and our new music is feeling fresh and alive. In the end it had to begin with this and for the rest of the journey? Well you’ll just have to find out.”
FADES EP is set to be launched at Proud Camden on March 10th 2016. Music Fierce, energetic and as catchy as all hell. FADES’ music walks the tight rope between the light and the dark, seducing you with it’s poise and grace before taking a final leap through a ring of fire. Combining crunchy guitar riffs with elegant melodies and emotional lyrics – FADES will have your body, mind and soul dancing to their beat.

Make sure you go check out their latest hit “Breaking Through The Walls”!

TIGER ARMY: Prisoner of the Night

TIGER ARMY is here to Rock N Roll! The Los Angeles band have just released “Prisoner of the Night,” the first track off their much-anticipated new album, V •••–  (LunaTone/Rise).  The band has come a long way since their last release. Produced and mixed by Grammy winner Ted Hutt, who is known for producing greats like Old Crow Medicine Show, The Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphys. Also featuring Tiger Army vocalist/guitarist Nick 13, acclaimed bassist Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Ray Lamontagne, Dan Auerbach) and drummer Mitch Marine (Dwight Yoakam), V •••–  is Tiger Army’s first album since 2007’s Music from Regions Beyond.

Tiger Army have been playing “Prisoner of the Night” during their recent live shows, including their current tour with Dropkick Murphys.

About the track and how it fits into the band’s set, Nick 13 says, “Our sound has always been about a mix of old and new. But this song, like others on the new record, draws from the early ‘60s. It was a transitional period after the end of rock ‘n’ roll’s first wave, but prior to the British invasion. There was a lot of sonic experimentation as people tried to figure out ‘what’s next’?  Radio singles of that era also went on to influence early NYC punk, so ‘Prisoner’ plays with that as well.”

Since their arrival in ’96, TIGER ARMY have drawn critical praise from the New York Times, performed onJimmy Kimmel Live!, had a No. 1 Most Requested Song on influential LA radio station KROQ with the single “Forever Fades Away,” shared stages with artists such as Morrissey and Social Distortion and built a diehard international fanbase by blending punk grit and mid-century twang to thrilling effect. Last October, they held their long-running two-day Octoberflame festival at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. The dates, which sold out immediately, were the band’s first in two years and the shows’ electricity prompted the Orange County Register to write, “Maybe the most remarkable thing about Tiger Army’s set was how the band and audience seemed as in-step with each other as ever. If Nick 13 wondered whether Tiger Army would still have a strong fan base after so much time away from the stage, the Octoberflame concerts served the role of reassurance.”

Don’t miss your chance to catch TIGER ARMY live!

Click HERE to purchase “Prisoner of the Night” on iTunes.


Tour dates are as follows (additional dates TBA):


Feb 27 @ Stubb’s in Austin, TX (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Feb 28 @ Civic Center in New Orleans, LA (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Feb 29 @ House of Blues in Houston, TX (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 2 @ Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 3 @ The Fillmore Charlotte in Charlotte, NC (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 4 @ The Ritz in Raleigh, NC (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 5 @ The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 6 @ Bogart’s in Cincinnati, OH (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 8 @ Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 9 @ Webster Hall in NYC (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 10 @ Webster Hall in NYC (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 11 @ Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 12 @ The Stone Pony in Asbury Park (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 13 @ Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA  (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mar 15 @ Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD

Mar 16 @ House of Blues in Boston (w/Dropkick Murphys)

Mixes to Get Your Vibes Right for Further Future 002

Whether you’re just checking into your hotel, still speeding through the desert highway dodging cops or already in Fabulous Las Vegas and getting lit on the Strip, your mind is already at Further Future 002. It’s probably been there for weeks now. Now that you have your tickets in hand, your camping essentials squared away and your festival fashion picked out (Hope you didn’t forget your Ultra Vulgar Apparel!) it’s time to kick back and let the future do its thang.

Enjoy these mindfully moody mixes from some of the best Further Future 002 performers this weekend as you leave Las Vegas behind and get your vibes ready for the Future.

To Chillout

HVOB’s Exclusive Mix

Vienna-based duo @hvob have come a long way since their inception in 2012. The enigmatic pairing of Anna Müller and Paul Wallner have carved their own unique path with visceral recordings and stunning live performances. They were named the number 2 Live Act Of The Year in De:Bug’s reader poll and reached a top 15 placement in Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart. They’ll be bringing their moody and vocal laced techno offerings to Further Future this year, performing alongside a drummer.

To Vibeout

Greg Wilson’s Exclusive Mix

Known for his impact both in the current underground dance landscape and the 80’s electro scene, @GregWilson is a timeless producer that will bring his legendary sphere of influence to Further Future this year. The revered musician began his DJ career over 40 years ago and has continued to eat, sleep, and breathe dance music, eventually helping pioneer a post-disco sound out of New York that he dubbed “Electro-Funk.” Beyond performing, Wilson has also found a second love in writing about club culture and new music on his site Being A DJ. You can get a taste of the Greg Wilson sound with an exclusive recording of his set at the The Attik in Warrington last July, which is now being released for the first time.

To Tripout

Four Tet’s Boiler Room Mix

With remixes of everyone from including Aphex Twin, Explosions in the Sky, Super Furry Animals, Radiohead, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Manic Street Preachers, Sia and Black Sabbath, Four Tet has also produced two albums by psychedelic improvisational group Sunburned Hand of the Man. His recent output includes a number of improvisational works with jazz drummer Steve Reid and collaborations with Burial and Thom Yorke.

While Four Tet’s music originally eschewed the traditional pop song format in favor of a more abstract approach—his sound and melodies incorporate elements of hip hop, electronica, techno, jazz, grime and folk music with live instrumentation. His newer works are inspired heavily by house music and magic.

To Smile About

Daedelus’ Exclusive Mix

This musician has been blowing minds and making magic in the Los Angeles IDM scene for years. Daedelus has dedicated his musical career to the war against cliché. Like his mythological namesake, Alfred Darlington is an inventor, a craftsman, a constructor of labyrinths. Others get trapped in the maze; he knows how to build wings.

See you in the future…

Ultra Vulgar Guide: What To Do When You Lose Your Friends At A Music Festival?

Festival Season is upon us! Now that the summer is coming to bloom be sure that there is plenty of musical adventures to be had. With so many festivals on the horizon its hard to choose which one is going to be the best bang for your buck. Since i’m sure were all ballin on a budget, the best way to decide which festival to choose is to see which one is the most convenient for the whole squad to attend. Our friends are hands down the biggest headliner to any event we go to because lets be honest without the homie’s holding you down we would just look like a bunch of loner dancing drug addicts. Plus our friends are a staple for long festival car rides, someone has to be in charge of the Aux cord to bump some fire tunes.

So now imagine you finally get to the festival with the squad, tents set up, your fueled on chewy bars and beer, and you finally make it to the stage where your favorite artist is playing. As your dancing and having a good time you realize that the beer/wine coolers hit you quicker then you thought and you now must hit the porto potty. As you come back to the main stage you realize the squad is gone! What is one to do?! Don’t worry Ultra Vulgar has the guide to make sure you never loose a friend at a festival again!

Rule #1- Set up a designated meet up spot.

Setting up a meet up spot is crucial before walking into any festival. The first thing you want to do with your friends is to analyze the festival grounds for the most optimal meet up spot. This makes it easier for everyone to meet if someone gets lost from the pack or if the festival ends and you are trying to rally up the troops before you leave. Try to make your meet up spot dead center of the festival where it is easily spotted from anywhere on the grounds. For example if there is a huge ferris wheel in the middle of the festival grounds then that is the smartest place to make your meet up spot. Also getting on high ground such as a ferris wheel or a strangers shoulders also can help. Try to avoid crowded places like porto potty’s or water stations because this can get confusing in the hustle and bustle of a festival.

Rule #2-  Make a group chat message.

Im sure you and your squad already have a ridiculous group chat set up amongst all of you but if you don’t then hop on it! Festivals are known for having bad reception so you should make sure that whenever you get a spare bar on your phone use it to your advantage to keep the group posted. Even if its a simple message like “Right side of the main stage” this will help any lost friend in need because they will make sure that they walk up and down that right side till they find the crew. Just don’t be a dick and send a message to the group, then five minutes later walk away to get a water or a selfie. Now you must ask what happens if you don’t have a phone or it dies mid festival? Well in that case take a piece of paper before the show and right down all of your friends numbers on that piece of paper. You can even call it you “Friends List”. Carry it around and if somehow you get lost, kindly ask a fellow festival goer to borrow their phone. You would be surprised how kind people can be when someone is in distress. Just make sure your friends know that you don’t have a phone so when they get a random call they aren’t quick to disconnect.

Rule #3- Make New Friends!

If the sun is going down, the meet up spot is empty, and no one is answering their phones its safe to say your pretty much fucked. Unless a miracle happens and your friends miraculously show up out of thin air, your chances of finding them are pretty slim. When that sun goes down you have a better chance of find your missing contact in the dark then your friends. But when all else fails MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Thats what this scene is all about, embracing strangers and having a good time no matter what. There has been plenty of times where my crew has picked up a stray along the way and now this stranger is one of our best friends! Be open and kind to everyone you meet because they will share the same love right back to you. Everyone is there to enjoy the music and if you think your cramping a crews style because your dancing like a fool then YOUR WRONG. Just keep a positive attitude and open arms and i promise you will be embraced with nothing but love. Worst case scenario you find a stranger to hook up with and come back home with a crazy story.


So to briefly sum up everything there is to being a festival nomad, just know this. —–

-Always have a meet up spot

-Keep a list of your homies contacts

-Stay close to the crew after dark





MONiKER is making some noise! MONiKER is a mostly-Virginia band that lives in New York, making sometimes wordy, sometimes angry, sometimes dancy indie rock.  After studying music theory at William and Mary, all the while nurturing a love of the studio-as-instrument music of David Bowie, Brian Wilson, and Talking Heads. Jordan Scott began working on new material, seeking to bring that same mix of pop song craft and sound experimentation to a live band.  He met up with a college friend, TD Crowley, who brought weird lead guitar (and advice on when to rein it in little bit).  They then brought Jeremy Burke to write melodic bass lines and drummer Matt Shuham to supply the backbeat, and MONiKER was born.

The bands new album is growing on the east coast and with their sound these guys are going to be a hit on the west coast too. Although the album’s songs sit apart as individual pieces, they were written to form a cohesive piece of work. This is the sound of a band trying on different personas; an uptempo disco-rock song, a more experimental electronic song, a slow southern rock-style song. Lyrically each song deals with a different aspect of music but each foray into diversity is underpinned by the band’s own identifiable sound and style.

The album was recorded in Brooklyn’s Rift Studios in a live room where all the songs were tracked with the same setup. This approach gives the album a cohesive feel, which plays against the songs’ eclecticism.

Moniker’s influences range from Bowie and Beach Boys to Kate Bush and Orange Juice. The basic, drums-bass-two guitars setup throughout most of the record echoes that of Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend, the band’s hope was to create an album in that tradition.

Some songs are direct references to other groups: LA references Laurie Anderson and uses artificial vocals in homage to her music; Bayreuth is the name of Wagner’s opera house, with the song is made to feel like a Beirut song put through heavy distortion, playing with ideas of ‘world’ and classical music.


Make sure you go check out MONiKER !



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Pretty Sister, Brings the Funk!

Pretty Sister is helping us get our groove on one funky tune at a time! These Los Angeles natives are bringing their own signature style to the west coast. They like to call this new sound “Z-Funk” and its going to get you to shake your groove thang! Like P-Funk in the ‘70s and G-funk in the ‘90s, Pretty Sister pushes funk into its next incarnation, adding a dash of modern flash and arriving with some “Z-funk” that is going to take over from coast to coast in style.

With a lyrical sensibility that’s brilliantly shameless, topics covered on Pretty Sister’s debut include: booty-call texting, long-distance love and sexual frustration, the classic wifey/Miley dichotomy, and all those California girls with their “yoga pants and Instagrams, ashrams, hashtags, cats and spray tans.” If you need a better idea of what this groups sound is all about you gotta hear their remix of the 1996 classic R&B jam, Pony by Ginuwine. Pretty Sister gives us the perfect mix of old school sound with that new school touch to really get your hips jiving. This group is not just the future flavor of the West Coast sound, Pretty Sister’s invented a whole new species of L.A. creature, erasing all inhibitions the second the groove slides in. Pretty sister is the free spirited sound that you know and love as the summer comings rolling in. Pretty Sister will make those long drives a little more pleasurable, and i’m almost positive that if you play these tunes for your foxy friend things will get pretty funky. It all makes sense in their new song “Come To L.A” . This song describes the struggles of long-distance love, resulting in sexual frustration. Thus, Sister’s debut single offers an utterly smooth blend of funky bass and sensual vocals that rides the line of innuendo before eventually imploring his lover to, simply put, “Come to LA and fuck me”.

So in the world of Pretty Sister, everyone’s a supersonic super freak, and anything can happen.

Welcome to the Z-funk era.

Pretty Sister

I Hope You Dye: Ultra Vulgar Edition

I Hope You Dye Aesthetics is a fresh new clothing company straight out of Long Island.  The dyeing duo is made up of two extremely talented young men by the names of Jackson Overhuls and Joshua Traumjager. These two specialize in hand made clothing completely focused on the artistic aspects of fashion. These guys  feed off of your ideas, which makes all their clothing one of a kind and personal! I got to talk to these guys about their apparel and how this all got started for the two. While i was talking to them i got to see them in action working their magic on some of our Ultra Vulgar apparel. Here is a limited edition design that they came up with after the interview.


When i talked to these two guys i was dyeing to know how they started such a unique clothing company. They begin to tell me that they have been long time friends in the long island music scene for about five years. This is where they started their band called Imperfect.  Music has brought these two artist together and since they started jamming together they have been creating music and other adventures along the way. Soon enough they wanted to make their own shirts for their merchandise, thats when the dyeing started. Josh tested out his genius and made a ty dye shirt for one of his favorite bands, You Me At Six. After that one shirt the two realized that they could transform not only their merchandise but all of their favorite shirts into their own twisted ty dye taste. To spread the word they started to make shirts for all their friends and take personal orders so they can share their love of dyeing. With all the orders coming in and since their message in their threads did not reflect the message in their music, the two decided to branch off into their own aesthetics company. Now their full focus is on making you the sickest gear, so you have the power to transform your ordinary to extraordinarily dope!



Finally when i asked Josh and Jackson what really drives them to their dyeing endeavors, they had this to say.

“We are just an independent clothing company run by 2 artists. We are both extremely reliant on art and creativity on a day to day basis. It keeps us in check with ourselves and the people around us, but more importantly it keeps us sane. “i hope you dye aesthetics” is just one of many creative outlets that we have. We are also full time musicians, writers and have involvement in several other projects with different creative goals. But we pour our heart and soul into every design and piece of clothing we do because thats what drives us at the end of the day. All of the designs we make are hand made and thought up by yours truly. We are inspired by your ideas and the world around us. And i’m sure you can tell by the name, we are young angsty teens at heart. Some of our clothing may offend you, but don’t take it personally! We create what we feel. Custom orders are always encouraged, we are very excited to bring your dreams to reality and create the dopest merch possible.”


These guys are truly awesome and very down to earth. I think their style will fit in perfectly with the Ultra Vulgar family and we hope you like their gear too! Make sure you show some love and go check out their pages so you can start making you own custom orders to dye for!

i Hope You Dye Aesthetics

Instagram (ihopeyoudye)

Click this link to order!

i Hope You Dye (ETSY)


SUNDRONES : “Kill Me Baby”!

SUNDRONES are ready to rock & roll! The band created by singer-songwriter Joshua Moran, premieres the video of their debut single “Kill Me Baby” on Noisey.  View the video and Noisey’s extended interview with Joshua Moran HERE.  The “Kill Me Baby” audio track was recently premiered by Consequence of Sound HERE, and has netted over 400,000 Soundcloud plays since then as well as charting Top 10 on the Soundcloud Alternative Rock chart since its release!

Quickly growing frustrated with “these yelpy synth bands being signed by the fistful” that he was hearing, Joshua Moran formed SUNDRONES in February 2016 in New York.   He recruited guitarist Justin Long, drummer Darren Beckett (of Ambulance LTD, and Brandon Flowers’ solo band), and guitarist/bassist Greg, who co-produced the band’s upcoming EP with Eric Valentine, in addition to producing “Kill Me Baby”.  Together the quartet has embraced a guitar-heavy swagger raw urgency, and melodic heart-on-the-sleeve songwriting approach inspired by the late 50’s through the 90’s.

As a troubled youth growing up in New Jersey, singer Joshua Moran learned to play guitar while living in a children’s shelter.  Shortly after his release, he purchased the iconic Play Guitar with The Ventures LP, which heavily influenced his taste in surf and rock music, and turned him on to the likes of Del Shannon, Buddy Holly, and the Turtles.  Later on in high school, Josh discovered punk and garage rock, and became infatuated with the Buzzcocks, Pixies, Pavement, R.E.M., Weezer, and Austin-based anti-folk legend Daniel Johnston.

Out of high school and feeling alienated in his New Jersey suburb, Joshua saved up and moved to New York’s Lower East Side, where he would spin his wild memories into songs of rebelling, longing, and individualism.  “Kill Me Baby” is one such song, born out of the missed connections and everyday frustrations of romantic life in NYC.  “It’s about what we’re willing to put ourselves through for a passing feeling,” Joshua explains, “the lack of fervor in modern dating… I like girls that don’t give a f**k about what people think of them.  I like people who aren’t afraid to be polarizing.” Words of wisdom from the man himself.


Make sure you check out the new single “Kill Me Baby” by the SUNDRONES!