Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 Music Festival Photo Recap

Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 had downtown Atlanta bumping this weekend!

Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 ran from May 20-22, and for Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 being first annual Shaky Beats Music Festival, they of couldn’t have had a better turn out. Despite a little rain the first day, Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 had sunny skies and great vibes the whole weekend.

According to festival organizers, 33,000 fans attended the three day “beats-driven” Shaky Beats Atlanta 2016 Music Festival at Centennial Olympic Park to catch electrifying performances from headliners Odesza, Major Lazer and Big Gigantic. Additional acts included Duke Dumont, Jai Wolf, Classixx, ZHU, Aluna George, Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Cherub, A$AP Ferg, and the hip-hop great NAS.

US FDA Regulates Inhalants for Vapor

The FDA decided to step up to the plate to discipline vapor and vapor users. According to studies, e-cigs have been out long enough to bring the concern to the business side of the community; people are reporting to be enjoying the e-cig product enough to affect the younger people.


Surprisingly, certain studies (find reference) … show proof that when nicotine is presented to the human body through skin contact and/or ingestion, an individual is detrimentally affected  the points of serious and fatal poisoning. In relation, recognize these symptoms of toxicity: vomiting, seizures, coma, nausea, unstable breathing habits, respiratory arrest, and possible death.


Conversely, reports claim that people are using e-cigarettes to achieve quitting smoking; however, scientist and the like continue to express concerns that directly relate to ‘dual usage’ of e-cigarettes and combustable tobacco products and flavored e-liquids–attracting the crowd that is too young!

On the contrary, researchers present evidence to show that e-cig users claim that utilizing the e-cig product results in an enhanced sense of smell and taste.

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Lostboycrow: Get lost in the Music

Lostboycrow is an idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage, best described as a Pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R&B. Still shrouded in mystery, the idea of Lostboycrow is the foundation for what we know about him as a musician. On his newest effort, “Thursday,” the singer continues to establish himself as a creator of good vibes as he stretches his vocals to infectious levels atop choice production from Wolves. This song will have your feet moving  so make sure you grab a loved one to bump and grind too.

Sonically, the Los Angeles artist delves in to the world of introspective dance music. He takes pride in his thoughtful and provocative lyrics, but doesn’t forget to cater to the current Pop-centric audience. The sound he produces is equivalent to sweet baby making music so make sure you wrap it up when you take a listen. Lostboycrow gives a voice to the voiceless through his storytelling ability while sonically finding the perfect medium between Pop, R&B, and Electronic music.
Lostboy has already strutted his stuff live in concert playing the prestigious SchoolNight LA, headlining Neon Gold’s Popshop West at The Echo, as well as doing a residency at Dirty Laundry this past summer. LBC has plenty more is on the horizon following the release of his debut project Sigh For Me. In addition to a charismatic live performance, Lostboycrow is a darling of the blog world with Pigeon’s & Planes highlighting his “velvety vocals” and “emotive messages.” LBC’s singles “Love Won’t Sleep”, “Talk Back To Me”, and “Powers” were featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Indie Pop, and Alternative R&B playlists, as well as breaking in to both the United States and Global Viral Charts on the platform. Combine that with two HypeMachine #1’s and it becomes clear that a diverse online community has taken to his music.


The Full EDC New York 2016 Experience (Piss Optional)

EDC New York 2016 has the ability to wrap up enough memories to last you a lifetime all in one weekend. Granted everyones experience is different, but its hard to go to an event like EDC New York 2016 and not have a constant smile on your face. Being a five-year veteran to this festival I feel that over the years I mastered the way of getting the best experience possible for my two days of shenanigans. I must say that through the past five years I’ve attended this event, EDC New York 2016 has defiantly been the most memorable one yet, but let me take you on my journey so you get a better understanding…

Azwel : “From Now On”

Azwel is a project that involves songwriter Jason Perrillo. For the past 15 years, he has been recording and producing his own independently released albums in his New York studio. Azwel is a melodic and dynamic band that channels the best of Brit Pop, Rock and Roll and various other styles to create a memorable and accessible music that will remind you about the best parts of life. Featuring a brand new backing band consisting of Joe Lorge (guitar/backing vocals) Gregg Steele (bass/backing vocals) and Johnny Zalatel (drums/percussion, Azwel’s expansive and engaging sound navigates a full range of human emotion across it’s new digitally released album “From Now On”.

Azwel employs a truly impressive array of instrumentation across this album; soundscapes come to life with the percolating music of electric/acoustic guitars, strings, piano, vintage electric pianos, moogs and mellotrons along with some brass, flute and stylophone performances. Jason Perillo and Azwel have truly created something memorable. Anyone who appreciates beautiful, melodic, emotionally potent music will find common cause in Azwel’s new album “From Now On”.  The band’s 10th studio album, this piece of music captures the band at its finest hour.

With upbeat tracks smoothly aligned next to more reflective and somber numbers, this album is the perfect way to recapture the spark of inspiration and joy of life. As Perillo emotes, he creates vivid and moving portraits of life, vignettes of times and places that feel very real. Azwel creates beautiful and melodic music that is craftily arranged and expertly delivered. Fans of passionate and meaningful rock and pop music will gravitate towards “From Now On” and find plenty of magic across this album’s 9 unique tracks.

Soothing, catchy, cathartic and fun, “From Now On” is the perfect music for relaxing and escaping the stresses of the modern world. A deeply melodic and intriguing piece of music, this album creates lasting impressions that will instantly appeal to fans of all ages. If you appreciate beautiful and moving music, you need to check out Azwel’s new album “From Now On”.


Hayden Calnin: Cut Love Pt. 1&2

Hayden Calnin was raised in the serene and rural town of Red Hill before spending the majority of his current adult years in the vibrant city of Melbourne, a place that embraces creativity and encourages artistic experimentation. Hayden’s work definitely represents this mindset, his musical writing crosses from folk into the realm of electronic, layered with his unique vocals and production. It’s his determination to push himself sonically as well as artistically that has helped him gain international acclaim, including sync placements on numerous USA TV shows such as Suits, Parenthood, Teen Wolf and the UK and Japanese trailers for recently Oscar-nominated, Room.

Following two critically acclaimed EPs and drawing comparisons to Bon Iver, M83, Dawn Golden as well as Beach House, Hayden’s rapidly growing fan base have been asking for more releases, more tracks and more of Hayden worldwide. He decided to spend the time refining and cultivating the vision and musical ingredients behind his long anticipated album, which he’s finally completed. And that’s just the half of it… In the near future Hayden will be releasing not one, but two albums worth of breath-taking material.

Produced and recorded by Hayden in his home studio, the inspiration to release ‘Cut Love Pt 1’ initially came about when Hayden was contacted by UK based, award winning, contemporary dancer/choreographer, Lukas McFarlane, who was in search of new musical material to choreograph and perform to. The result is an expedition through Hayden’s free-flowing creativity, which takes listeners on an unexpected musical journey through his internal musings on falling out of and into love, relationships and everything in between. Created from musical understanding worthy of Justin Vernon, the record delivers a sequence of captivating, emotional and honest tracks, forming an insight into the mindset of Hayden’s sonic world. Hayden really sings from the soul and you hear the emotion in every single one of his tracks.

Ivy Nations: You Are the Centre of ME

Ivy Nations sparked up the idea one day that they were going to mix guitar driven hooks with honey sweet melodies. With their pulsating indie electronic beats they ended up booking a gig very early at this local coffee shop. For reason unknown owner of the coffee shop/library/anti-rock n roll and fun establishment politely insisted they stop making that noise and get off stage. Why would anyone want to do that when the groovy tunes keep flowing?! It will forever be a mystery, what is known is that only a fool would ask that music this good stop. It seems they thought Joan Baez and James Taylor were coming to duet on some Bread covers, or something.

Formed in January 2015 in scenic Dublin, Ireland, Ivy Nations comprises longtime friends Darragh Faughey and Brian Sinnott (guitars), along with Joe Kiernan on vocals and Paul Donohoe on drums. The guys have long been active in the Dublin scene. Following the genesis of their latest endeavor, they wasted no time in putting out the undeniable ear candy that is “The Mile Road,” their first single. It was released to universal if not nearly close to enough plaudits. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it.

Now, the band is back with a darker, if no less catchy second single, “You Are the Centre of Me.” The track is reminiscent of the most hook-laden UK post-punk. It calls to mind the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order, among scores of other excellent influence. Dysfunction sounds great in hands this skilled. This song has some funky sounds and its a groovy tune to shake your tail feather too! The band had this to say about their single “You Are the Centre of Me”.

“It’s about control. A possessive relationship. One person yielding control over the other long after the relationship has ended. An addiction, that eventually paralyses both of them. The result, an inability to truly love another.  The possessed partner takes over the role of the possessor over time. An emphasis on insecurities (in the possessed), that fuels paranoia. An inability to forgive, to accept ones fate, that is, bound by fears, loss and anxiety. Lusting over the possessed partner. An unhealthy desire to be with them at any cost.”


Nina Nesbitt: Modern Love EP

In February 2014, a 19-year-old half Scottish, half Swedish Nina Nesbitt released her debut album ‘Peroxide’. It hit the mid weeks at No.1, charting at No.11 in the UK and No.1 in Scotland. Top 40 singles ‘Stay Out’ and ‘Way In The World’ were both playlisted by Radio 1 and helped take her total combined YouTube and VEVO views to over 30 million.

Nina has spent the last two years growing from a youthful singer-songwriter into a bona-fide pop star. Having just turned 21, she’s back with a collection of songs that she feels truly reflect who she is. Released on February 5th, the ‘Modern Love’ EP, “represents a new state of mind, a new person and a new life,” Nina says. “It’s a big departure from the 17-year-old girl with an acoustic guitar but it feels like the most honest music I’ve written. I’ve been left alone to do whatever I want without anyone breathing down my neck saying, “that’s not you,” or trying to water it down. I’ve spent the past two years living with friends in London and sonically documenting it. {Lead single} ‘Chewing Gum’ is an empowering track that I wrote about the transient types of relationships people have when they’re trying to figure out what they want and they’re not ready to fully commit.” This sentiment is portrayed brilliantly in the video for the track.

Nina’s rise has been remarkable. Since signing with Island Records in 2012, she has sold out four UK headline tours, performed at the biggest UK festivals, including Glastonbury, T in the Park and V Festival, toured Europe and played shows in New York, LA, Austin and Hong Kong. Recently shot by esteemed Vogue photographer Damon Baker, she has been a muse to AEO jeans and Calvin Klein’s social media ambassador (CK personally chose to cover a global event in Hong Kong with Justin Bieber). She was also recently selected to represent the Young Voice at The Women In The World summit with Tina brown alongside Cara Delevigne, Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep.

Nina, who co-produced her debut album with Jake Gosling (Paloma Faith, Ed Sheeran, One Direction), while working very closely with Iain Archer (Jake Bugg) now has her own home studio set-up. “It’s called Niightwatch studios,” she says, “because I usually start around midnight, when everything is quiet.” She takes production credit for EP track ‘Masquerade’. Other credits go to Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon) for ‘Chewing Gum’ and Fred Ball (Rihanna) for ‘Take You To Heaven’.


Things aren’t going to be quiet for long and as Nina’s fanatical following looks set to mushroom by several more million, she is about to embark on what will be her most exciting year yet!

Drangsal: The Man Behind the Music

Max Gruber is Drangsal, though the man and his persona are so nervous that their turmoil makes them melt into one. Max rarely sleeps, he works restlessly on his music, day and night. He doesn’t dream, but his days are satiate with fantasies. “Seid lieb zu uns, wir sind noch Kinder” –Be kind to us, we are only children–, pleads the mastermind into his microphone, at once delicate and brutal at heart. The concert is sold out – and the crowd is not just kind, they are euphoric. Even though there are only a few demos so far. This young guy has got charm, that’s for sure – his entrance promises a spectacle, and his energy lives up to that.  Harieschaim, the 22-year-old’s first album, is a succession of fast, pumped pop songs – let’s say: a pop prodigy? –, no breathing space, the referential decade of the 80s gets run down and broken.

Harieschaim, today’s Herxheim, is a strange village too – Max’s birth place, to be exact. Nowhere else in Germany has cannibalism existed as long as here, in the nearby place Hinterkaifeck an entire family was murdered, naturally distant relatives from Max’s family tree. But Herxheim is where it all began: His father owned a pub, recorded mixtapes for it, played them to his boy in the car. The child became so addicted to the often English music that he would soon express himself bilingually. A popcultural childhood. At age 5 Max watched MTV with his parents, got lost in Marilyn Manson’s The Dope Show. That was when he knew: I want to be something like that, somehow. A weirdo. At least when puberty had hit, he realised he already was one. But you might just as well call him a character. Now it was up to the determined youngster to find shapes for his diffuse being. And all of that in a little village in Germany’s deeply Catholic southwest! It was a school of hard knocks for Max: “Either I’ll let them beat me up in the break, or I’ll paint my fingernails an even brighter colour”.

Although there are points in this biography where one could call it fate, it is a troubled one at the same time, and left its traces. For instance on the tattoo-lined skin telling stories of Max’s obsession with eccentric industrial protagonists or the obscure per se. This is where we meet a soul that knows darkness – and yet the ten songs on Harieschaim appear remarkably catchy, sophisticated and friendly. One might even claim that several contradictions meet at once in the music of Max Gruber. And if there is so much abyss, then why does listening to it feel as if Max wanted to embrace the whole world? “If I told people on the street about what’s going on inside me, I’d have issues – but when I sing about it, it makes people dance. And at the end of the day I’d rather give them something to be happy about than something that harms them. It’s as if I put all the bad stuff into a tube and what comes out on the other end is something that people like – that’s seems like a nice thought to me.” His principle works like the idea of the Wolpertinger, the cross-breed creature from Bavarian mythology which he named a song after: All the things he wants to be, but can’t represent (because they don’t exist), he takes them apart, shapes them into one and becomes this being, who doesn’t only carry the contradiction within himself but proudly wears it on his sleeve.

Further Future Photos, Recap, Top Futurist Quotes

“In the future, Further Future photos take you… No, wait, that was Russia.”

“In the future, hoverboards actually ARE cool!”

“In the future, the past has occurred.”

Armed with more Back To The Future references and terrible puns than you could shake a flux capacitor at, many the Futurists attending Further Future festival this weekend didn’t know exactly what they were signing up for when they purchased tickets for the event.

“The website was vague on details, but I really wanted to hear (Alphabet, Inc CEO) Eric Schmidt talk about The Future of the Web,” said one Futurist who wore nothing but a mesh net and rain boots. “Plus, I kind of have a huge crush on him,” she added.

“I’ve never heard of Further Future festival before, but I saw that Pharcyde was playing, and I would pay anything to see them.” A Futurist dressed head to toe in shiny reflective clothing told me.

Further Future is only in its second year – FF002, as it’s billed – but this festival boasts many attractions that are nowhere to be found at any summer music festival in 2016, including gratis mescal upon arrival and trippy customized shades. But it’s the guest speakers that are on everyone’s lips.